We are proud to be the representative for a variety of diferent Manuafacturers which helps us in serving the many churches, schools, hotels, corporations and theatres, who are our clients.  For more than 37 years Old Pueblo Theatrical Solutions have been a part of the industry as consultants, installers and designers.  Staffed with an experienced team of professionals, OPTS has installed systems across Arizona.   Providing a high quality product at a reasonable price. OPTS has unparalleled service and that is our main focus. Whether you are purchasing a complete sound and lighting system for a new building, retro-fit an existing building, adding to your present
system, purchasing a single mic or light fixture, or renting a sound or lighting setup for that dramatic production, Old Pueblo Theatrical Solutions can meet your needs.  Listed below are some of the companies that help us provide exceptional services and high quality products. We are proud to be the representative for these manufacturers.  



Allen - Heath                      Anvil Cases                 Applied Research and Technology    Architectural Acoustics        Atlas Sound                          Audio Technica          CAE/Leprecon                    Community Speakers            Crest Audio                

Crown Audio                      EAW                                     ETC
Furman Sound                    HSA                                    Mackie                

Marantz                            Martin Lighting                Middle Atlantic Products              Peavey                              Pro-Co Sound                 ProSound Web                            QSC Audio                         Quam Nichols                 Rane                                         Rapco International            RCF                                Renkus-Heinz, Inc.                     Rosco                                Sabine                            Shure                                       Sonic                                Sony                               Spirit/Soundcraft                      Switchcraft                        Tascam                            Telex/EV                                   Times Square                    Ultimate Support               Vega                                       West Penn Wire                 Williams Sound                 Yamaha



These pages list the supplies ordered most often.  We ask you to write or phone us for information about items not listed.
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